The Rhode Island Independent Constable Association was founded in 1992. All members are Constables who service attorneys,citizens and courts in RI.

The Independent Constable association was formed as a teaching organization in order to maintain the 5 hour requirement for continuing education by the State of Rhode Island.

As Independent Constables in the State of Rhode Island, we are sworn to uphold the Laws of the State of Rhode Island. As professional constables, we provide services in Rhode Island including the following:

    • Summonses
    • Executions
    • Probate Matters
    • Subpoenas
    • Body Attachments
    • Evictions
    • Repossesions / Replevin
    • Writ Attachments
    • Seizures of Property
    • Citations
Board of Directors
Kenneth K. Norigian Sr.
Vice President
Damany Collins
Melissa Grylls
Kimberly Dulude
Recording Secretary
Michael Celletti
Sergeant of Arms
Kyle Norigian
Kenneth R. Norigian